jane: I spy with my little eye an asshole
kenny: fuck you
me: My turn, Jane. I spy with my little eye a manipulative bitch that tries her best to provoke an emotional man into anger, and attempts to fake the death of the baby boy that he cares dearly about only to prove a fucking point. Jane, go eat shit.
Real talk on Bonnie.


I got a shit ton of note on my Bonnie post compared to what I normally get on posts and looking through the tags and stuff is funny because ye most people agree Bonnie is a piece of shit but there is a good number of people also saying she is not a piece of shit but let me just remind you….

"Let me just lead Carver to your group for no good reason and get you all captured and killed"

"Hey Clem you should be the one to talk to the murderously psycho kenny… alone… in a tent…with the door shut"

"Hey Clem climb through this window into a shack, unarmed, in the zombie apocalypse, that we can’t see on the other side of, and have no way of knowing if it is safe or not"

"Hey Clem Carry the water jug the size of your own body"

"Hey Clem go clean Kenny’s disgusting bloody eye wound with peroxide while I touch Lukes leg"

"Hey Clem run across the shattering frozen lake to pull out a 27 year old man suffering a crippling gun shot wound in his leg while he is yelling at you no don’t come closer or the ice will break and then when you don’t ill do it myself, breaking the ice, knock him in, killing him"

"Hey Clem this is all your fault"

"Hey Clem i’m stealing all your shit in the middle of the night and leaving"

Also let’s not forget that the origin of her character in 400 days was that she was with a married man who had a wife still living and with them? (iirc)


season two, episode five 




Jane explicitly states that Clem was about 90% of the reason she came back.

Meaning she didn’t care about the rest of the group.

Remember her line “pretend you belong, and you will” at the end of episode 3.

She sabotaged the group into ruin to make herself look right to manipulate a child so she could play out the fantasy of having a little sister who doesn’t give up.

All Clementine is to her is a replacement.


If Clem actually is a rebellious teenager next season then they’ll probably give her a love interest and I don’t think her fanbase will be able to handle that.

Telltale, why?


My Bonnie is sweet…


My Bonnie is kind…





I don’t know who did it…But you made me cry…


If you are a Sarah defender and a Jane apologist you are a hypocrite because what Jane did to Kenny was ableist as hell and defending her actions makes you just as ableist.

If you think that Kenny’s mental state is different just because he’s a man or just because he’s easily breakable or because he broke in the apocalypse you are a horrible person who isn’t actually an ally at all and you need to shut up about Sarah if you think you can pick and choose what ableist behavior is more acceptable and worth defending. Jane took advantage of a mentally troubled person by hitting their triggers in order to kill them and if you think that’s right you’re wrong.